People who require a change to their natural tooth color, because of a naturally darker color or darkening with time, wear or staining, can have their teeth lightened.

The recommended method of tooth whitening is the Dental Home bleaching done at home with trays like a gum shield, worn at night. The trays are designed specifically for your mouth and are extremely thin and unobtrusive. We have been treating patients successfully with this method for over 18 years.

Research shows that tooth whitening causes no harm to teeth or gums. The results can last for more than three years. After three years there is still a 70% improvement but you can keep topping it up with the home trays. You can buy more bleaching gel by contacting the dental center and we can arrange for it to be sent to you.

There is no age restriction this procedure can be done on anybody. Tooth whitening will not work on crowned or veneered teeth. It doesn’t change the shade on crowned or veneered teeth so they may need to be replaced.