There are many reasons for choosing white filings, including concerns with the use of mercury in older style amalgam fillings, and of course the aesthetic result.

Back teeth that need fillings can now be completely rebuilt with the latest modern technology using white composite resin. This new treatment will completely restore teeth to a beautiful condition.

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Utilising perfectly colour matched composite resin so that your back teeth can be rebuilt to ideal long term strength, with a much more desirable aesthetic look.

Teeth with older style amalgam fillings are at high risk of fracturing, but can now be rebuilt with composite resin, preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure. See more information.

Smiles can even be widened and brightened using this new technology. After treatment, you can be sure that you will be laughing and smiling with renewed confidence. For an award-winning dental practice that serves Berkshire patients, we recommend The Perfect Smile Studios.

Colour of teeth

The colour of the teeth is determined largely by genetics, but there is no doubt that the care provided to the mouth affects the appearance of our teeth. The snuff, coffee in excess, poor oral hygiene and otherwise stain the teeth and advocate the use of whitening toothpaste. View more.

But these products do not get this effect by themselves and also the abrasive pastes used for this purpose and continuously can damage the tooth and gum. There are effective techniques for whitening teeth, such as laser, plasma light, halogen light or heat application, but it is a dentist who should prescribe them.

Your result is good but not definitive: the colour tends to reverse over time and will require maintenance treatments. Click here.